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Les primeres impressions són importants

We started up the Espiga Beer project after international experiences in Denmark and Germany, with the dream of experiencing the revolution of the craft beer in Catalonia and being a part of it. Since 2012 that we work together doing what we love: making and distributing beers with a special character, innovating as much as we can with the beers we craft, and participating in the expansion of the beer culture.

Teresa Galván

Behind any great project, there’s a great boss. Espiga has the best reference to keep up exporting our beers.

Directora de Vendes - Sòcia Fundadora

Arnau Rovira

Lover of hops, yeast, and anything that allows beer to be alive. After a while in Denmark, he finally saw the light back in the Mediterranean. And along with Teresa, and taking advantage of their international experiences, the Cervesa Espiga project was set in motion.

Head Brewer - Soci Fundador

Rodrigo Jiménez

Espiga partner and an endless source of knowledge. You won’t find him in the brewery, but if you look for him in the best pubs he will transfer you all his extensive experience. Big fan of oil.

Soci i Espiga Ambassador

Isaac Ruana

Among your peers, don’t forget the beers. And foIlowing this motto Espiga keeps expanding from Penedès to all cardinal points, filling up fridges and occupping bars and storehouses.

Responsable Nacional de Vendes

Ferran Miguel

The only limitation of a beer is the brewer’s imagination. Fruits, cupcakes, and as many grammes of hop per litre as possible. There’s no brewer who resists a collaboration!

Junior Brewer

Sergio López

The latest incorporation to the production team. The newest and the best motivation to vacate the fermentators in no time, thinking of beers with special ingredients, and filling them up again.

Assistant Brewer

Edgar Moreno

Every thing on its place, and beer everywhere. Delivering happiness and life in the shape of bottles, cans, and casks. If you can’t enjoy it where you are, what’s the aim of producing those beers you have been longing for?

Logísitica i Transport

Raimon Pujol

Focusing on good beer, making sure you recognise Espiga wherever you go, so that it ends up between your hands or in your jar. Beer fests and other events are also his playground.

Comunicació i Marketing


La cervesa artesana sense gluten més sol·licitada a Catalunya.


Una IPA americana de caràcter clàssic perfecta pel dia a dia.


La cervesa Espiga més longeva inspirada en les receptes angleses tradicionals.


La cervesa Espiga més preuada pels adeptes a les Ales negres.


Una Berliner Weisse de color groguenc pàl·lid amb fines bombolles.