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Wandering souls feat la Craft


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4,5% / 32 IBU

We were really looking forward to collaborating with La Craft de Vilanova! Shared tastes for classic beer have led us to  this easy-drinking and tireless Best Bitter, perfect for accompanying equally evenings at the bars of the best places with the best company.

It’s a beer with an amber color and translucent appearance with creamy beige foam. In aroma and flavor, the caramelized notes of the malts and freshly baked bread stand out. There’s also a subtle touch of herbal hops at the end, adding complexity; the hop profile is moderate, with earthy and woody notes that complement the sweetness of the malt without dominating it. The finish is clean and dry, inviting the next sip.

A beer where you’ll enjoy all the potential of caramelized malts with a slightly hoppy finish that creates a perfect balance for a rounded sip, allowing you to enjoy several pints in the English style without stopping.

Malts: Pale ale malt , Munich malt, Crystal malt and flaked oats

Hops: Sorachi Ace and Galena

Artwork by Irene Garzie

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