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Brave Lands


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7,5% vol // 15 IBU

Brave Lands is a grape beer -or a malt wine- made in collaboration with Can Pasqual from Gelida, winegrowers and our neighbors.

It is a Wild Grape ale product of the joint primary fermentation of a must from Garage IPA and a must from Xarel·lo 2020 (a variety of grape used for the production of white wine and sparkling wines). The most is biodynamic and ecological and the first fermentation has been carried out in wine barrrels from Penedès previously selected. The fermentation has taken place with the combination of the grape’s own yeasts. Mosaic beer wort was added to carry out the second fermentation with beer yeast After it was left to mature with cold, the whole process has lasted 9 months.

The result is a golden beer with persistent foam, of 7.5 imperceptible alchohol degrees with aromatic notes of banana, white fruit and floral notes of Xarel·lo wine combined with the herbaceous notes of Cashmere, Simcoe and Citra hops. We also find touches of bread, pastries and dairy products from fermentation with wild yeasts.

On the palate it is smooth and silky with a slight bitterness that timidly remember us of beer. In short, we are in front of a product with a high organoleptic complexity but balanced and smooth, suitable for all palates and that combines the best features of a good Xarel·lo with the best of hops beers. Perfect to pair with light and refreshing summer meals and enjoy a genuine, earthy product.

The name is not by chance, Brave Lands refers to all the generations of people who have lieved from the land and who, despite adversity, have managed to move forward. 2020 has been a complicated year due to Covid19 but also in the Penedès wine yard due to Mildew and its effects on the harvest. So with more reason than ever we toast for the future!

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