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4.5% vol // 35 IBU

Amber ale from Espiga has arrived, many claimed it and is here!

A dark amber beer, translucent appearance and with a cream-colored and persistent foam. In aroma we find the caramelized notes and a slight aroma of citrus and floral. In flavor we find the notes of caramel toffee and bread, as well as a slight bitterness accompanied by small citrus notes from the hops that make a round and balanced sip where the maltose profile notes stand out.

It is an easy sip beer with a sweet finish that is rounded off with the slight bitterness it contains. Perfect for malt lovers!

Malts: Maris Otter Pale Ale, wheat, oat flakes, oat malt, golden oat flakes.

Hops: Galena and Amarillo

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